Socrates – Children crusade

Detské krížiacke výpravy – Unsaid words


The whole project is a sequence of images from the works (or from their details) of our students following each other. Even though they are independent to each other, they create a consistent story line, based on mental or dimensional associations between neighbouring images. 

Although the whole work creates integrated unit, mentaly it is based more on the internal disparity without any obvious or “forcing” educative aim. It is much more understood as a challenge. That final image or sequence of images has to be created by the spectator himself in his own head after viewing the project. 

The whole work includes in itself European pictural world as well as the written, oriental one. Motto of the work is the human, but it doesn’t contain the exact shape of human. Human is present only in his works (pictures), in his squeezes, in his streaks, or in the ambition of human to show and to sculpture. 

As once upon a time of children crusade, when they tried to show Christian children in Orient, we are also trying to show our children in this project. But we are not trying to show the concrete students, but to show their hearts, their creative struggle. 

Unlike the children crusade we are not trying to persuade somebody, that our point of view is the only right. We just want by means of the works of our students to show our school as a tool of wakening and improving of the creative powers of young people, who will form our future (and let’s hope that more beautiful) world.