Net – Music

Net – Music

 The Net Music project was coordinated by the Austrian expert group Interessengemeinschaft NŐ Komponisten led by Mag. Richard Graf and funded through INTERREG III / A. The Academy of Animation was approached by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic to participate in the project. Our school contributed mainly by providing facilities, equipment and educators.

The aim of the project was creative work with sound, introduction to digital audio processing for active participation in sound composition, creation of remixes, sounds and music collages. The intention was also to create cooperation between schools involved in the project. The partial objective was to draw attention to noise as a stress factor and to clarify the relation between acoustic stimuli and human reactions. (Biofeedback)


After contacting R. Graf, we obtained basic project documents and instructions for the project management. The preparation of students took place in the months of May, June and September 2007. Students were gradually introduced to the project,  its aims and focus. They have learned the basics of digital music at the Film Dramaturgy and Aesthetics classes. This knowledge then served as a basis for the final workshop.

The final workshop of the project took place on October 11, 2007 from 8.50 to 11.25 and was attended by 24 students. The workshop was an introduction to the sound world with a lot of interesting phenomena in the area of psychoacoustic stimuli. Students could break into a different sphere of sound than the commercial one which is presented everywhere. They have received many incentives for a creative approach to sound and music. While working with the AUDACITY programme, students gained their own experience with the digital audio work.

Workshop outcomes:

The students‘ works based on this project, will be published by Richard Graf on the upcoming website and  the best of them will be aired on the Internet radio. The realization of the project at our school gave the students new possibilities in the perception and processing of music. It has stimulated a creative approach to individual music creation and its use in audiovisual works, animations and on the Internet.