Post-secondary school

Post-graduate study

Application form

Students are accepted into post-graduate study without tests. Simply send an application form with a copy of your maturita certificate and we will send you a contract. Everyone who has completed secondary school with maturita can apply.


– we will prepare you for university
– we will teach you to work with the latest software and hardware in the multimedia
– we will tailor the schedule to you individually if need be
– you retain your student status and get all the student benefits

Entrance fee: 250 EUR / paid once before school starts
Tuition fee: 180 EUR/mesiac


Commuters can be accomodated in dormitories – SOS technicka (Vranovska 2, Vranovska 4 Street), school dorm Racianska 80, SOS polygraficka (Racianska 190) and private dorm Krupa DM (Pekna cesta 4). Students apply in the dorms themselves.