Photographic design


8606 M Photographic design – students during their 4-year full-time study acquire working process and creative capacities in digital and analogue photography. Moreover, they get familiar with technology, taking and processing photography. Furthermore, they acquire knowledge of photographic and video work functions. Plus, they gain experience of creating works in their area (e.g. video documentary, advertising, technical, documentary or stage-manage photography ). Mastering of Adobe Design premium – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign is part and parcel of the study. They use those programmes for performing assigned tasks and their own projects at the highest level. Sudents are capable of creating not only photographic products but also graphic design products with the assistance of photographic devices and computer programmes. In addition, students keep a good track of advertising in the photographic, graphic and media form. They are acquainted with photography history and actual trends in photography. They can use photographic means of expression as a device for the realization of their own media ideas. The aim of photographic study is mastering knowledge which contains complex requirements for photographers in practice. It means not only complex of creative and aesthetically balanced products but also the ability to do complete realization for a client.


General education subjects:

Slovak language and literature
English language
Ethics / Religion
Basics of ecology
Physical education


Special subjects:

1. History of art culture
2. Economy
3. Development and history of photography
4. Photographic creation and practice
5. Computer graphics and practice
6. Art preparation
7. Art studio
8. Figural drawing
9. Video creation
10. Adobe After Effects