Terms of the competition ANIMOFEST

Date of competition: 16th June 2022
Deadline for submissions: June 10th, 2022
Venue: Private secondary art school of animation

Films submitted to the competition must be:
- Created by high school students, or the equivalent within the network of school facilities of the individual countries of the world (in the case of foreign films), aged 14 to 22 years
- Manufactured after 1st January 2022
- With a minimum duration of 1 minute
- In good technical condition and in formats M-PEG 4, MOV., H264 or another HD format

How to apply:

  • Send the films together with the applications and attachments via the download link from the internet repository (recommended: wetransfer.com, uschovna.sk, ulozto.sk) to the email address: pr@uat.sk. Online application is available here.
  • Along with the duly completed application form it is necessary to electronically send:
    • Creator photo
    • Photo from the film
    • Brief description of the film in Slovak and English
  • The organizer does not accept films that have been submitted to previous years of the festival.
  • One contestant can submit multiple films, each on a separate entry form.
  • Registration is free

Festival Director: Viera Zavarčíková

Jury President: Karol Holubčík

Jury Members: Jaroslav Baran, Ľudmila Pavolová, Ján Mózer, Ivana Korenková