Graphic design


Study programme 8604 M Graphic design is focused on graduates preparation for contemporary needs of graphic design industry. Mastering of Adobe Design premium – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign is part and parcel of the study. There are subjects of general education which develop theoretical knowledge and social orientation on an individual in society. And besides that the students apply themselves to development of various practical skills to use gained knowledge in real assignments. The significant part of the study is education supported with computer what means ceratin comfort and more individual approach. Software, which is constantly up-dating, reflects the environment to which our graduates are preparing for. The aim of the study is mastering of knowledge which contains complex job requirements for graphic designer in practice. It is complex which consists not only of creative and aesthetically balanced products but also of complex ability of realization for a client.


General education subjects:

Slovak language and literature
English language
Ethics / Religion
Basics of ecology
Physical education


Special subjects:

1. History of art culture
2. Economy
3. Theory of design
4. Designing
5. Computer graphics and practice
6. Figural drawing
7. Art preparation
8. Art studio
9. Digital photography
10. Creating websites
11. Adobe After Effects