Transformation of traditional to modern school



Modern school

Transitioning from traditional school to a modern one

Modern education for intellectual society / The project is co-funded by the EU

Project name:
– Private art school of animation – school of third millenium

Strategic aim of the project:
– better student adaptation to the labor market through innovation of education in Private art school of animation

Target groups:
– teaching staff of the school
– students of the school

Length of the project:
– 24 months

Project outcomes:
– innovated content and methods of education
– teachers qualified to teach according to innovated teaching curricula
– innovation-appropriate technical equipment
– new study material and teaching aids

The main goal of the project is to create a multimedia textbook of computer animation that is worked on by a 12 member team of school teachers. To raise motivation and unite teaching methods. Other goals is to raise the students’ qualification, raise interest in subjects and to improve students’ IT skills. The project is geared towards high schools of art as well as other students with a similar field of study.

The project is directly or indirectly the result of the transformation of our society to an informative one. The rapid development of technology, IT, media and new approach to information (both receiving and spreading) requires a new way of thinking and acting. However, in many cases this is hindered by insufficient knowledge in IT and other related, rapidly developing fields. The project is designated to be a useful for those interested, to help with understanding and embracing new approaches and skills. The project isn’t merely a pedagogical and didactic tool for high school students. It can also help in other areas of the education system.

The reason for combining traditional forms of education and multimedia textbooks is that it’s a popular trend worldwide that should be implemented into our education system as well. This method is more attractive, interactive and poignant than traditional textbook-based teaching. The student can dictate the speed of teaching to a certain degree.