Socrates – We are one body

The world is like a big skyscraper, it has an infinite number of windows and behind every window, there is a person with various interests, traits, desires… We are different, however, we are similar, too. There is something that joins us all. Every window is an expression of individual peculiarities of an individual with a powerful declaration of his personal and mental confession in the contrast with a final co-awareness and uniting in the same idea – humanity.

Every window is only a part of the knowledge – together we make one unit, one body.

How people grasp the topic WE ARE ONE BODY as well as the particular conducting of a story, which will be original for every country – different for behind each window – it is up to every participant of the project.

What will be interesting, that is the final joining of all the works on the given topic from every participant country into one film unit.

We emphasise:

– communication among individual kinds of arts, their mutual combining through music, dance, dramatization, animation…
– combining music and performing arts (dance/drama) with dynamic artistic creation within the area of hand drawing, classical and computer animation
– using CD decorations in theatre scenes and thus creating possibilities to use spatial, moving backgrounds as well as possibilities of communication of an actor with a created figure in a computer and their mutual overlapping.