Net – Music

The aim of the project is a creative work with sound, introduction of digital sound procession with intention of active participation on sound composition, creation of music collage, call-sign, and remixes. Also our aim is to create collaboration between schools, who took part in the project. Partial aim was to draw attention to noise as a stress factor and explain connection between acoustic impulses and man reactions. (Biofeedback)
We acquired basic project documents and instructions for leading the project after addressing Mr. Graf. Preparation of our students was realized in May, June and September 2007. Students were gradually acquainted with basic aims of the project. Students were taught to the bases of digital music during the classes of film sound dramaturgy. This knowledge served as a base at final workshop. Final workshop took part on 11.10.2007 from 8.50 to 11.25 attended by 24 students. Workshop was an introduction to the world of sound, which hides a lot of attractions on the level of psychoacoustic impulses. Students could penetrate into different sphere of sound from that commercial, which is presented everywhere around us. Students received a lot of impulses of creative attitude towards sound and music. They could try on digital work with sound in the program AUDACITY.
Results: Student’s works, which will be worked out on the base of this project, will be published on preparing Internet page by Mr. Richard Graf. The best of them will be broadcast on the Internet radio. Realization of the project at our school widened students the scope at perception and procession of music. The project motivated a creative attitude to individual music production and its application in audiovisual works and animations, and on the Internet.