Erasmus 2014

The main aim of the project is the improvement of students’ vocational education. It will be achieved by connecting professional and theoretical knowledge with practical ones. Moreover, this improvement will be accomplished not only by gaining utmost maximum of knowledge and experience from abroad but also by contribution to the increasing of adaptability of graduates at the labour market and in the process of higher education. This professional training will involve 3 students from the third year who will be able to comply with the following criteria: legal age, decent behaviour, excellent assessment in English language, no unexcused absences, educational level of attainment up to 2,5 in total assessment and motivation. The core of the professional training consists in the study of Audio-visual communication which includes media assistant programme, which is taught in English language, especially fields of Animation and Graphic design to which photography is related. The students of Graphic design will become better in particular software products; acquire general knowledge in the field of graphics, especially the graphics which is aimed for the Internet. The final outcome of graphics design participants will be a design manual of Finnish product. The main goal of the students of Animation will be to gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in classical and computer animation, learn how to work with animation software products and use the acquired knowledge of the these products. Therefore, one of the important results will be to achieve the profile of modern author especially an animator, a director and a graphic artist on the basis of professional skills of dramaturgy, storyboard, and variety of technologies, fine art design and broad knowledge of world animated film development. The final outcome of the students of animation will be short animated film. During the vocational training the participants will be enriched by new communication, visual and interactive factors. In addition, the expected result is the contribution to professional and also to cultural progress of the participants. Modern educational process with chances of taking part in learning motilities of individuals enables the students to be not only the objects of this process but also the subjects with possibilities of interference in educational programme by their own activation and formation of their cognition. In connection with the preparation for future occupation the cooperation competences and communication competences in a foreign language will be developed. Moreover, the problem solving methods will be inculcated. The participants as individuals will be given ample scope for self-realization, improving their personal development and potential. The digital competences in science and technology field, initiative and enterprise will be enlarged.

The term of mobility: 8.4 – 28.5.2015
Host school: North Karelia College, Outokumpu, Finland

Under Key Action 1 our project called “Moderne žiť s umením” was approved in selection. At North Karelia College, Outokumpu in Finland the following students will study:
Dušan Brachna – Graphic Design
Peter Kološ – Animation
Andrej Pišút – Animation

Erasmus+ is the EU Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the period 2014-2020. Education, training, youth and sport can make a major contribution to help tackle socio-economic changes, the key challenges that Europe will be facing until the end of the decade and to support the implementation of the European policy agenda for growth, jobs, equity and social inclusion.
Fighting rising levels of unemployment -particularly among young people -has become one of the most urgent tasks for European governments. Too many young people leave school prematurely running a high risk of being unemployed and socially marginalised. The same risk threatens many adults with low skills. Technologies are changing the way in which society operates, and there is a need to ensure the best use is made of them. EU businesses need to become more competitive through talent and innovation.