Clothing design


Clothing design 8610 M is focused on mastering the working process of art, graphic and clothing production to achieve the widest possible use in practise. Students learn technology, production and processing of clothes and a three dimensional object with the usage of the latest technology. Furthermore, students acquire during their studies not only knowledge of History of art and culture, sketch construction, clothing practise, but also the principles of art and graphic work. The study programme is flexibly adapted to current trends and technical progress in the particular field of study. A significant element of the study is education which is supported by the usage of computers. Emphasis is put on mastering the following graphic programmes Adobe Design Premium – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and 3DS Max which serve for complex graphic use and visualization of sketches. Graduates can manage the work of fashion designer starting by inspiration, sketch, and appropriate usage of materials to final realization of a piece of clothing on the highest level. Moreover, thanks to the knowledge of graphic programmes they are able to create media products and leaflet and put into practice to support their own presentation. The aim of clothing design study is to acquire knowledge and skills including complex demands on fashion and textile designers in practice. Last but not least, another important aim is to master the process of graphic and media products with the usage of the latest technology. In fact, this qualification provides not only higher chance for the graduates to get a job, but also skills of complex realization of an order for a customer.


General education subjects:

Slovak language and literature
English language
Ethics / Religion
Basics of ecology
Physical education


Special subjects:

1. History of art culture
2. Economy
3. The history of clothing
4. Art preparation
5. Clothing design
6. Technology
7. Construction and modeling of clothing
8. Computer graphics
9. Digital photography
10. Art studio