Study programme 8630 M Animation is focused on graduates preparation for contemporary needs of media industry. Mastering of graphic, animation and post- production progarmmes, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Flash, CTP and Anime studio, is part and parcel of the study. Moreover, mastering computer model programmes, 3D studio Max, Mudbox and Autodesk Maya in combination with Motion Capture system (20 cameras animation system which is capable of capturing real body movement). We put emphasis on artistic creativity, communicativeness, technical proficiency and imaginativeness in searching for new solutions at assignment creation. Curriculum is flexibly adjusted to actual trends, to actual needs and to technical development of given study programme. Students acquire knowledge of animated film production, technology of film processing, editing, sound which they can use in their work later. We put the accent on quality of artistic preparation. Students are trained to master drawing and modelling in space and time form the animation principles point of view.
The aim of the study is mastering of technical and technological techniques of animation, expressing own feelings by film, receiving components of own artistic seeing, mastering the whole realization of animated film from the theme to the final postproduction and preparing a student for employment.


General education subjects:

Slovak language and literature
English language
Ethics / Religion
Basics of ecology
Physical education


Special subjects:

1. History of art culture
2. Economy
3. The History of Animated Film
4. Classical animation and practice
5. Computer animation and practice
6. Figural drawing
7. Art preparation
8. Creating a studio
9. Dramaturgy and screenwriting
10. Sound production
11. Adobe After Effects